Crucible SMART App is a that executes a series of tests against an HL7® FHIR® Server. These tests are compatible with and .

STU3 testing focuses particularly on the and Use-Cases.

DSTU2 testing focuses particularly on the and Use-Cases.
End Points
/smart/ this page
/smart/app the app (also the redirect_uri after authz)
/smart/launch the launch url
/smart/cfg configure client ID and scopes


Configuring Client ID and Scopes (required)

OAuth2 client IDs and scopes for different FHIR servers must be stored in the /cfg section, so the SMART app can be used with multiple FHIR server implementations.

Each entry under client_id and scopes should be a unique substring within the FHIR server URL (for example, cerner or epic), with the value being the associated client ID to use or OAuth2 scopes to request.

Launching the App

  • Using Cerner Millenium
    1. Create an account on
    2. Register a "New App"
      • Launch URI: /smart/launch
      • Redirect URI: /smart/app
      • App Type: Provider
      • FHIR Spec: dstu2_patient
      • Authorized: Yes
      • Scopes: select all the Patient Scopes
    3. Select your App under "My Apps"
    4. Follow the directions and "Begin Testing"
  • Using Epic
    1. Create an account on .
    2. Navigate to the .
    3. Enter the details:
      • Launch URL: /smart/launch
      • Redirect URL: /smart/app
    4. Click "Launch App"

Errors encountered during launch are probably associated with improper configuration of the client ID and scopes.